Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been on a film kick lately. Not just good films. Not just artistic films. But visually interesting films. I think it's because I'm ready to redecorate my home. I've been ignoring my craving for outward inspiration lately as I've been so busy with a new job and having to cram more practical thoughts into my head....however, everyday after I've come home from work I've been putting in a Wes Anderson film. I think this is me forcing myself to take in some extra visual indulgences here and there so that I may keep a full imagination while the rest of my brain works on learning more.....ugly things(retaaaaiil). I like that about me. Anyhow, I've watched every Wes Anderson film more than once, and some around 4 times(I <3 you Richie Tennenbaum). I feel like I need to watch some Eastern films next. My next stop is obviously Bollywood, it only seems fitting after a week of Anderson and The Beatles. Hopefully Friday night will be for candy and movies with my best friend. What are some beautiful Bollywood films that I should not go without watching?

On another note, today is my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Beau. I love you. I miss you. Sometimes I think I need you. But always I'm thankful you were here long enough for me to learn who you are. Because who you are is WONDERFUL! We all are. Thank you, mom:)

I love my friends. I love my family. I love my boyfriend. I love my cat. I love my mind. I love my life! Life is wonderful! Talk to you soon:)


  1. Wow...this is magnificent and you're a true peach.
    Your writing is pure Lily, don't ever change that. Talk with you soon, love Mom.
    (Oh, and it has been a joyful pleasure being your mom, so- you're welcome. And yes, wonderful kind of covers how you all are...I'd add brilliant too.)

  2. 1 <3 richie tenebaum toooo!!! What is your fav wes anderson film? Mine is a tie between darjeeling ltmd and life aquaitic. close second is rushmore and royal.
    And, Happy Birthday, Beau!!!I'm going to listen to Hank in honor of him:)
    PS nice post, Lil.

  3. Beautiful post Lily, you are one little nut who didn't fall far from the tree. Miss seeing you all. Love you much. You make me proud to know you.

  4. Hey, Lily! Love the blog! Visually interesting films . . . have you ever seen the French film Amelie and other films by the same director Jean-Pierre Jeunet? Beautiful!